Postcards from Malmö was done for Malmö’s official channel “Malmö Town” in winter 2018 and was a collaboration between VR-director Leandro Righini at Make Films and the SceneThere production team.


There is something powerful about bring taken around a city by a local. It allows you as a visitor to create an immediate connection, diving deep into local culture and cuisine. Maybe your host skips the most popular tourist sights because they have a passion for street art or falafel. That’s local travel.

We created 5 explorable 360 tours with each tour being lead by a local. On the tour you are joined by a companion. He is a tourist who will be there to help you through the experience and keep you engaged.

The 5 tours are:

  • A VIP-visit on top of the famous Öresund Bron
  • Fine Dining at Malmö’s 2 star Michelin restaurant “Vollmers”
  • A tour around Fallafel Street
  • Malmö’s traditional sauna: Ribbans Kallbadhus
  • A Roller Derby championship

These explorable 360 tours combined with stand alone 360 video snippets and 360 stills are the Postcards from Malmö.

The story is the red thread and creates the interest and engagement. The Postcards forms the frame.


This experience is best viewed in an Oculus Go headset or Samsung’s GearVR headset.

Oculus Store: link

Or you can download the SceneThere app and type in the handle: oresundbridge


If you don’t have access to a VR-Headset you can access the experience on the web here:

Tour :