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Igelösa is a life Science company based in Lund, Sweden developing a new Nordic diet against diabetes. The diet is inspired by the healthy lifestyle on the japanese island of Okinawa, where people are proven to live longer than any other place on the earth.


To inspire people suffering from diabetes to live a healthier life, Scenethere worked together with Makefilm to create an educational VR-experience about healthy lifestyle. The VR-experience is illustrating the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and aims to link this to the nordic diet developed by Igelösa which is based on the Okinawan diet.

The VR-experience takes the form of a step-through tutorial, where each step illustrates important aspects of the lifestyle they live naturally in Okinawa.

The VR-experience is part of a clinical trial in Manchester for patients with type-2 diabetes. The aim is to encourage and illustrate important parts of a healthy lifestyle, and aims to prove that you can treat diabetes by changing your lifestyle.


We can send you a personal invitation to try this tour in your VR headset


This experience is not yet available on the web.