Which VR-platforms do you support?

The VR-platforms supported are Oculus Go, Samsung’s GearVR, HTC ViVe, Microsoft Mixed Reality and Oculus Rift (via Viveport). A native iPhone app based on Cardboard-system is coming in Winter 2018. We will also be available through Steam in end of 2018.

What delivery methods are available for my content?

360 experience on SceneThere.com

By making your app “public” it will be possible to view from any device with a web-browser. You will be able to scroll around in the 360-videos, in a similar way as you do with 360-videos on facebook, and on mobile it will also work with the phone’s gyro-function. It will however not work in Google Cardboard glasses due to the fact that web browsers does not support auto playback of videos.

Native VR-Delivery through SceneThere app

Download the SceneThere app (read more here) and type in the handle that you choose while editing (Clue: It’s the part that is after http://SceneThere.com/view/ ). Your experience will now be available on your device.

NOTE: This option is currently available for galleries, but will be made available for tours before end of 2018.

VR-Delivery as Beta in Oculus Store

We will turn your content into a VR-application, and submit it to Oculus as a closed Beta and send out an invite to the email addresses you give us.

This option is available if you have the Solution package, which is included in the yearly Pro-subscription.

VR-Delivery via USB-installation (Sideload)

We will turn your content into a VR-application, and deliver the app as an APK-file which can be installed on your Phone. The phone needs to be dev-unlocked, and you need to provide us with the OSIG-file for that specific phone.

This option is useful if you want an easy way to launch your VR-app from the home-screen instead of launching it from inside the Oculus Store. This is usually a good choice for trade-show demos, etc.

This option is available if you have the Solution package, which is included in the yearly Pro-subscription.

How do I install the SceneThere App?

Follow the instructions here:


I've requested delivery via Oculus Store Beta. What steps do I need to do to install the app?

1- Accept beta-invite :

First you need to accept the beta-invite. You do this by finding the invite-email that was sent out from Oculus. It has a subject-line like:

“Release Channel Offering”

In that email you need to click the link saying “To accept, click this link”

You will then be taken to the Oculus webpage, where you might need to sign in to your Oculus account

You should now see a page saying “Congrats!”

2-  Install app

Open the Oculus app on the mobile phone in non VR-mode. (If you’re using a Samsung GearVR the Oculus app is already installed on your phone, but if you’re using an Oculus Go, you’ll need to download the Oculus app to your mobile-phone separately, and pair it with your Oculus Go)

Browse to the “Store” tab

Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the Store-tab which is called “My Preview Apps” section. You’ll see the app there. If you don’t see it immediatly, wait 10-20 minutes, as it sometimes takes some time for the app to appear.

Install it by clicking on it and click “install”

3- Start the app

Once the app is installed, you can find it in the “Library” tab, under “My apps”.

4- Update the app (Optional)

If you need to update the app, the safest way is to uninstall it first by finding it under “My apps” section, and pressing …-menu, and then press uninstall. You can then install the app again according to #2.

Demo using an Oculus Go: How do I avoid the controller?

By disabling the auto-sleep mode on your Oculus Go, you can avoid the unit to go into sleep and ask to calibrate the controller-unit every time. This is annoying during a demo session. follow the instructions below to disable auto-sleep. This will however require more power than normally.

  1. Install the Oculus App on your phone. This app lets you pair your VR-headset to your mobile phone.
  2. Connect to your Oculus Go unit
  3. Go to “more settings”
  4. Turn Developer Mode = On
  5. Under the Power settings, set Auto-sleep = never

Which delivery mechanism should I choose?

Delivery through the SceneThere application is best if you want the ability to update your app fast with new content, and is also the only option if you don’t have a Pro account. Your application can be white-labelled with your own logo and panorama, but you are not able to request further custom changes than those offered on the webpage.

Sideloading an APK file is easier if you have physical access to the device, and if there is less than let’s say 5 devices. Sideloading an APK-file does not require you to have an Oculus Developer account, but you do need to “dev unlock” your VR-device. Sideloading allows you to request custom changes from our dev-team.

Deploying through Oculus Beta requires an Oculus developer account. If you don’t have this, we can do it through our SceneThere developer account. You will also need to have the email addresses to every person who should install the application. If you want to install it on many VR-headsets, the easiest way is that you sign in all the devices to the same Oculus account. The installation of the application can then be done by the person who owns the device, which makes it easier if you don’t have physical access to the devices. Deploying through Oculus Beta also makes it easier to update the software later. Delivery as Beta in Oculus Store also allows you to request custom changes from our dev-team.

If I want to submit my own app to Oculus Store by myself, how do I do that?

Create your experience on SceneThere, press “Request VR-app”, and we’ll send you the APK-file. You can then follow these guidelines to produce the Cover Art for Oculus Store


Is there a way of having a library of 360 clips that can be reused in multiple tours without re-uploading the video clips?

Right now it’s not possible because we associate each video with one point. We are however looking into how this could be done. For galleries and playlists it should be possible in the future.

What is the purpose of the captions? Are they used to help keep track of the clips?

For Tours they are actually not used in any other way than for you to keep track of the videos. The feature is actually mostly intended to be used for Galleries & playlists, where the text is displayed to the viewer.

I'm using ViVe on a PC, but the videos will not play back. Why not?

Windows 7 has no native h.265 support. To use SceneThere on Windows 7 you need to install LAV Filters which will enable you to play back the videos. Windows 10 should include h.265 support, but on some versions Microsoft has disabled it by default and the users will have to install the HEVC Extension from Microsoft.

There are many codex available, and here is one which is a free download: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/hevc-video-extensions-from-device-manufacturer/9n4wgh0z6vhq

Can I mute the audio while I'm working on the Tour?

Some browsers (such as Chrome) offers the function to mute a tab. You can access it by right-clicking the browser tab.