Filmed by 360-filmmaker Marcus Olsson to illustrate the impermanent nature of Burning Man. The content he captured at Burning Man 2017 is now released for free in an interactive VR-art tour of Burning Man.


By linking many 360-clips together Marcus was able to create a rich panoramic Art-Tour of the large-scale art of the playa.  To add another layer of information to the experience he reached out to all of the artists and asked them to send him a few sentances outlining the concept and vision for the artwork. This gives additional context while you explore the artwork. A context which you might not have gotten on the playa.

Marcus Olsson said: “I’ve visited the festival first time 2013, and since most of the art is burnt by the end of the week, each year is surprisingly different.” – sais Marcus – “So I wanted to give people the chance to experience the impermanent nature which is at the core of Burning Man. I wanted to give people a trip back in time. Virtual Reality gives me the chance to build exactly that”. But this is not the first time Marcus does this. He first tried it out on the regional burn called “Borderland” in Denmark. He made a trial at Borderland in 2016, and presented it as a time machine to visitors of the festival one year later, in 2017. “They were pretty blown away by the fact that they were on the same place, but everything looked so different. All the camps were on different locations, and none of the art was the same, but nevertheless everyone said that the feeling was the same.”

The use of virtual reality can create a feeling of presence, but so far we’ve felt limited because the viewer has never been able to move around and explore. Until now. The platform that we launched last year lets the viewer navigate through the different scenes. We don’t frame the reality and we don’t limit the viewer to one camera position. Viewing the material in a VR-headset anyone can have a first-hand experience from America’s most influential art festival.


The best way to experience Burning Man Art Discovery is by downloading the SceneThere application from Oculus Store or Viveport

Oculus Store: link

Viveport: link

Gallery : Download the SceneThere app and type in the handle “burning-man-gallery”


If you don’t have access to a VR-Headset you can access the experience on the web here:

Tour : https://scenethere.com/view/burningman/