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“There is so much more to 360 filmmaking than we first think. In traditional filmmaking we tend to want to direct people’s eyes. You have close-ups, different camera positions, camera moves to make people see what you want them to see. 360 filmmaking is totally different. You have to make the audience interested in the things that are inherently interesting and let them explore it themselves. I think that using an app like this to navigate the 360 video space is really the future of filmmaking.”

Leandro Righini – VR-Director at MakeFilms

Turn your 360 videos into a VR experience

Create 360 galleries with your own branded templates, text and cover art. Select a personalized URL. You own your content for your brand in a native VR app. No ads and no other content. Perfect for portfolios, campaigns, and tutorials.

Works Offline. Always 4K. No Lag.

Smart download in the background ensures your viewer will experience your videos in full quality no matter the connection or device. 

Publish directly without the delays of an app store

By publishing your branded app inside the SceneThere app you can go to market without a developer-account in a VR-store. This lets you go to market in a minute, and keeps all benefits of a native app.

Create 360 tours on your mobile

Download the mobile app to hyperlink your 360 scenes based on the location you filmed. No coding needed. Web-based drag n drop. Preview on the web. 


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World-class filmmakers love SceneThere

SceneTheres video platform is cutting edge storytelling. It takes 360 video from a gimmick to an real immersive experience. It helped me develop my story from the Rohingya refugee crisis where the story had been told already over the last 30 years, but with the SceneThere technology the story could be felt compared to just being watched.

Rasmus Degnbol - Documentary photographer

Interactive 360 video is an incredibly powerful storytelling medium. In my view Scene There is by far the best interactive 360 platform for immersive storytelling I have used. The interface is very intuitive and viewers find it simple to use. I’m very excited about the future of the medium and how Scene There will contribute to this future.

David Betteridge - 360 Director at Citizen 360

SceneThere is a great way for us to add interaction to our VR and 360 stories, with it we can create premium VR projects with interactivity and advanced features without having to build our own app. The interface is extremely simple, intuitive and cost effective. This is a tool thats really adding a lot of value to us and our clients.

Leandro Righini - VR Director at Makefilms

This is what our community of filmmaker’s clients say

  • Telling a story using interactive VR is a very powerful way for us to show people what our destination is about. I believe this is the future of marketing in tourism

    Ola Nilsson - Project manager e-commerce Malmö Tourism
  • Scene There is literally revolutionising VR. It would have been impossible to make Voices of the Favela without SceneThere. We love it.

    Owen Gaffney - Director of Media at the Stockholm Resilience Centre
  • Technically this is a real achievement… The sense of being there is very strong… The ability to move around is what makes it distinctive… There is a lot of other VR-projects that could take advantage of it in some serious news journalism…

    Bill Thompson - Technology Writer at BBC Click

The viewer creates the narrative

360 filmmaking is different. The viewer chooses the next 360 scene depending on interest. The film can take on many narratives.

  • Create narrative

    The viewer chooses which 360 scenes to navigate to.

  • Gaze at circles

    Each circle is a portal to the next scene. Viewers use eye gaze to navigate.

  • Explore in 360

    Explore every 360 scene in all directions. Viewers feel like they are there.

  • Look up for menu

    If viewers get lost or want to return to the menu then simply look up.

Access these powerful tools for immersive filmmaking

Scenethere is the most powerful tool to build VR experiences using 360 videos.

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360 App

Customize your experience

Create 360 galleries, change templates, add text and cover art. Select your personalized URL.

Your content

Your content, your app, your brand

Your own content in a native VR app which can be branded. No ads and no other content. Perfect for portfolios, campaigns and tutorials.

VR Tours

Create interactive VR tours

Mobile app for hyperlinking your 360 scenes based on the location you filmed. No coding needed. Web-based drag and drop. Preview on the web.

Offline 4K

Works offline. Always 4K

Smart download of content in background ensures that your viewer will experience your videos in full quality no matter of the connection.


Navigate with gaze

Easy to use gaze for menu interface for displaying 360 content. No controllers needed. Works regardless of age or VR experience. Fast video switching and smooth transitions make for a unique explorative experience.

Cross platform

Publish across multiple platforms

Publish as native VR apps and as a webpage. No coding needed. Videos are transcoded and optimized for all platforms.


Create 360 tours on mobile or web

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